Leading Jersey-based Telecommunications Company Sure, has opened its doors to a revolutionary new store where interactive digital signage is at the forefront. 

The store, located in St Helier Jersey, opted for in-store digital signage applications in a bid to not only add a modern dimension but to simplify options and enhance the shopper experience. The applications have been purposefully developed for the project by leading digital signage experts at Acquire Digital who worked closely with partners, Image Technique to provide both hardware and software and collaborated throughout the initial stages of scoping, testing, development and implementation.

At the center of the store is a revolutionary touch totem. Made up of three 55-inch touchscreens the totem, acting as a point of sale (POS) unit, allows customers to construct their own packages, compare phones and even send their preferences via email, which can then be viewed and purchased on-line at a later date – creating an omni-channel experience.

Neil Farr, Managing Director at Acquire Digital, reported ‘We built a unique content management system for Sure that integrates with their existing website CMS. This ensures that when changes are made to prices, images or handsets the changes are also reflected across the in-store POS application, eliminating the need for staff to learn a new system or duplicate work.’


In addition to the interactive touchscreen, the store also includes a video wall comprised of a strip of 46-inch screens which have been wrapped around the store’s interior. The video walls are being used to display marketing materials as well as provide an immersive backdrop to the physical mobile phone handsets. The video wall has been carefully designed to maintain a constant flow of imagery which is automatically created by the system. Content flows in such a way across the strip that it successfully draws customers into the store to discover more.

New revolutionary store utilises digital sigange.

Lisa Mclauchlan, Head of Commercial Operations of Sure Jersey reported, ‘the main reasons for opting for digital applications was to not only reduce waiting times by giving the customer more autonomy but also to create a superior shopping experience like no other.’ Coupled with the immersive and interactive signage the store also boasts complimentary refreshments, comfortable seating, TV and iPads for customers to enjoy while they wait for assistance.

The in-store technology provides a valuable self-service facility for shoppers enabling them to top-up phones and pay for goods using the payment kiosks. The technology further helps to assist customers in choosing the right plans, browsing headsets and comparing mobile tariffs.

The store has already received a lot of praise from customers and there are already plans to roll out the concept across other stores located in Guernsey and the Isle of Man over the next few months. www.acquiredigital.com

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