London’s Iconic BT Tower LED Installation shines bright after a new digital screen upgrade. Bluman Associates partnered with DOOH LED expert, Bob Kronman, to provide expert consultancy for the high profile installation.

London,  – In 2015, BT expressed interest in replacing the existing LED screens, which due to age, no longer represented the brand to their highest standards. Partnering with Bob Kronman of Kronman Associates, Bluman Associates were commissioned to undertake an initial feasibility study of the refurbishment.

After completing a detailed cost and design analysis, the team drafted a comprehensive RFI that was issued to over 20 international manufacturers.  The team worked closely with BT’s brand and infrastructure departments, advising them on best practices and solutions from beginning to end – including budget, engineering, ISO compliance, manufacturing, shipping, competency negotiations and installation.

Environmental issues needed to be taken into consideration –  the outdoor display is at the mercy of the UK weather at all times, facing high winds and extreme temperatures.  There were several essential parameters the custom panels had to comply with – they had to be manufactured to fit within the existing rigging infrastructure, be optimized for resolution and brightness, have an IP rating of 67 +  and visible at distances of 100m or greater.

Incorporated into the new LED specification was LED processing by UK manufacturer, Brompton. The Brompton backbone allows for local and remote diagnostics as well as the ability to deliver real time control over all screen parameters.  Future LED display upgrades will be quick and easy, with processing and power all supported by the Brompton control.

Two manufacturers were invited to create prototypes for the prestige installation.  After significant testing, ESD panels were chosen for the job. The finished installation resulted in a 59m x 4.8 high circular LED display, visible in all 360 degrees of viewing.

‘We often work with brands in consultancy roles and we’re proud to have worked on one of London’s most iconic buildings. We used our expertise to support the in house team BT, ensuring the success of the project from start to finish.’ states Pod Bluman of Bluman Associates ‘We created a solution that optimized the resolution and brightness and made the panels easier to maintain and service. Working with both ESD and Brompton to create  a custom LED solution for BT has yielded great results.’

Bluman Associates provided engineering and installation expertise to the BT infrastructure team and rigging team, who successfully completed the installation in September.

Bob Kronman reflects ‘For a brand like BT who need to show clear, concise brand messages, you really need in depth knowledge of the LED market. We run a full LED database that allows us to quickly and efficiently analyze this information.  Pod and I have worked together for a long time and this has been another successful, high profile project. Until now the BT logo was never correct in terms of color. The Brompton backbone provides great control for individual pixels, so color adjustments and accuracy will be correct, enhancing any messages BT are portraying on the screens’

About Bluman Associates

Based in London, Bluman Associates are an independent consultancy specializing in large scale projections, content creation, capture and delivery to engage event audiences. From outdoor projection and building mapping to the takeover of video networks, the company brings messages to life in a big way. Find out more at

About Kronman Associates

Kronman Associates are a Global LED and Digital Screen consultancy, driven to help clients realize their ideas by providing unbiased, trustworthy advice. Providing businesses with hardware specifications, purchasing guidance, RFI and RFP authoring, design and integration services. Find out more at

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