By Brian McClimans – Peerless-AV

With the holidays upon us, like many others, you may be purchasing or receiving a new TV. If you are planning to take your entertainment experience to the next level by mounting your new TV, here are a few things to know about choosing the best mount for you.

There are four main styles of mounts, including flat, tilt, pivot, and articulating. Below we describe some of the applications and benefits of these mounts as well as a list of options Peerless-AV has to offer for your home.


Application: Flat wall mounts are the most basic solutions, but can help transform any bare wall by keeping the TV close to the wall for both functionality and style.


Application: The perfect way to maintain the sleek appearance flat panel TVs are known for while providing the ultimate adjustability. With tilting wall mounts you can say goodbye to on-screen reflections as they can be positioned a touch higher than eye level to create an optimal line of sight and counteract on-screen reflections from sunlight or indoor room lights. Additionally, the tilt mechanism spaces the TV further off the wall than a flat mount, which provides easy access to the back of the TV.


Application: Best for rooms where you will be viewing the TV from multiple different spots. This close-to-the-wall mount combines a range of functions, including the ability to gain side-to-side swivel and up-and-down tilt action, with enough control to position the flat panel TV for better viewing angles at any end of the room. Pivot mounts provide a functional, but still attractive luxury for the home.


Application: Possibilities are infinite with the addition of an articulating TV wall mount. This mount focuses on function as the articulating arm allows the TV to extend to reach far off the wall. This gives a wider range of swivel and a vertical tilt movement so you can get a great view of the TV from almost anywhere in the room.

In addition to the wall mounts listed above for consumer and home-use, Peerless-AV also offers a number of professional mounts, which can be viewed here.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your new TVs!

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