The way consumers engage with brands has changed. Consumers can now interact with a brand in a number of ways – retail stores, pop-ups, print, signage, online, mobile, social, wearables – it’s endless. They access products and product information instantaneously. They have flipped the tables so much so, that a brand is no longer what the brand tells the consumer it is. It’s what consumers tell each other it is. As a consequence, brands need to revisit the way they engage with consumers and they need to provide seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints, regardless of channel or device.

At St. Joseph we are storytellers for this connected world. We believe that great storytelling is born of collaboration. We bring together dedicated experts and innovators to merge marketing, content and technology in bold, exciting, new ways. We understand the ‘omnichannel multiverse’, and we help brands navigate it, so that their stories connect with audiences throughout the blending and blurring ecosystem of print and digital – providing true engagement and true benefit. We look to answer the question: why will consumers care?… and we pride ourselves in delivering outcomes based on efficiencies and effectiveness.

We have award-winning talent. We have inspiring thought leaders. We make brands shine. We build audience. We drive engagement.

Simply put? We are transforming the way brands engage with people.

15 Benton Road
Toronto, Ontario M6M 3G2
(416) 449-9333 ext. 261

Michael Chase
VP, Marketing & Creative

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